Arctic Char

A Satisfying and Delicious Premium Fish

About Arctic Char

Arctic charr is loved by chefs and foodies all over the world. It has a mild flavour along with a texture like salmon, offering a satisfying bite and fresh, mild taste.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, and vitamin D, the fish is a nutrient-dense option that is already a favourite among premium restaurants and high-end retailers everywhere. With so many ways to prepare Arctic charr, its versatile profile makes it ideal for anyone looking for a classic meal or an adventurous plate.

This powerhouse combination of delicious and healthy makes Arctic charr a high demand fish across the world. In response to this demand, we expect to produce 5,000 metric tons annually, which will increase global Arctic charr supply by about 50 per cent. And we have plans for future facilities to further expand that footprint.

Did you know that Arctic charr is part of the salmonid family which includes salmon and steelhead trout? Arctic charr has mild flavour along with a texture like salmon.

As the world’s most northerly freshwater fish, these fish thrive in a colder climate, making Manitoba the perfect location for our Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr to live.


Like salmon, wild Arctic charr often migrate between freshwater and saltwater. Unlike salmon, Arctic charr is also perfectly happy to stay in freshwater all year long. That makes it an ideal species for sustainable aquaculture. Arctic charr can be raised indoors in a closed aquaculture system that protects the health of the fish and the ecosystem outdoors.

We draw our water from an ancient glacial aquifer which gives us the kind of clean, cold freshwater that Arctic charr loves.


There are several varieties of charr that are now commonly grown in aquaculture systems. Our company is one of the world’s leading researchers in breeding new, hardier, and tastier varieties of charr. In fact, our Icy Waters subsidiary is world renowned for its ova, selling broodstock to processing facilities in North America and Europe.


Arctic charr is immensely popular with chefs because of its taste and texture, but also because of its versatility. It is delicious whether you are poaching, grilling, baking, or smoking it. It is also a favourite among sushi chefs for its beautiful colour, high fat content and mild flavour.

Arctic Char fillets in trays
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