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Our Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr

Our world-renown genetics program is focused on improving the quality of our Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr varieties. Our ova are sought after by producers around the world for our well-known consistency and quality that leads to healthy, nutritious fish. We develop broodstock without GMOs, antibiotics, harmful pathogens, or metals, and with meticulous quality testing at every step.

Whether you choose a fillet, portion, value-added, or whole fish, our delectable, high-quality Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr can be on your doorstep within 36 hours (and in some cases, as little as 24 hours). Raised ethically, our charr swim in some of the world’s most pristine cold water from an ancient glacial aquifer that runs beneath the vast Canadian Shield.

Map of Manitoba and Winnipeg highlighted in the middle of North America, with arrows distributing from Manitoba to the rest of North America

Our Technology

We use advanced technology to ensure the most efficient, humane, and sustainable practices. Our new Rockwood, Manitoba facility will draw clear cold water from the aquifer, and we have designed it to waste as little as possible.

Unlike a flow-through system, our facility recirculates the water, removing solid waste, ammonium, and CO2. The water is filtered and treated in multiple stages to bring it back to a fully pure, crystal-clear state while the waste is expected to be reused as fertilizer for field crops.

The system allows us to create the ideal setting to reduce disease and improve animal welfare.  The aquaculture environment is clean and comfortable for the charr while conserving over 99 per cent of the water that goes through the system.

Our new facility is also being designed with the latest processing technology in the aquaculture industry. The technology improves efficiency, while helping us create ideal conditions for the fish we raise. It will reduce food waste and help us deliver high quality fish consistently.

Additionally, our facility is being designed as an ultra-safe working environment because we know that safety is the first and most important step towards quality and consistency. We want our skilled workers to focus on maintaining our exacting standards to meet our customers’ equally high expectations.

Our Production

We maintain high animal welfare standards, adopting the European Union’s more rigorous standards. We choose to exceed these standards because we aim to build a brand where our customers can expect only the highest possible quality Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr.

Our Packaging

We recognize the negative environmental impacts of excessive or unsustainable packaging. That is why we plan to use the smallest quantity of packaging materials we can while still ensuring optimal food preservation. All our packaging will also be completely recyclable, so we can help you divert waste from your local landfill.

Minimal Waste

We want to limit food waste everywhere we can. We expect to use every part of the fish, and thanks to the innovative technology we have invested in, we will have the closest cuts, the most accurate results, and the most effective practices. Almost all the waste we produce will find a buyer or a use, whether that is selling it to pet food manufacturers or grinding it into fertilizer.

Our Employees

Our employees are the heart of our company. We have recruited some of the world’s top Arctic charr and aquaculture experts and we will maintain the same rigorous hiring practices throughout our company as we move towards production.

We are instituting processes that will give our people opportunities to thrive in their work. We are also investing in the safest working conditions, from proper lighting to ergonomic workstations combined with extensive training programs and mentorship.

We know the work landscape is evolving and we want to be part of the change. More importantly, we want our employees to enjoy the work they do as we build a global aquaculture leader.

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