The Next Global Arctic Charr Leader

Sustainable Production. Superior Ova.

Healthy, Delicious Arctic Charr

Located in the centre of North America, our mission is to be the world’s leading producer of high quality, sustainably raised Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr. We are filling the growing global demand for safe, healthy, delicious Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr in grocery stores, restaurants, and on your kitchen table.

Our Purpose

What sets us apart...


Highest Quality

Produce the highest quality Arctic Charr with the greatest concern for fish welfare.


Most Sustainable

Strive for maximum sustainability in all parts of our business.


Industry Leader

Continuing investment in R&D and process improvement.


Extensive Reach

Superior logistics to deliver fresh fish anywhere in North America.


Expand Global Market

Our goal is to expand the global market for sustainably raised protein.

Our Product

By using the proven aquaculture technology and meeting the highest quality standards, our new facility will make us the largest producer of sustainably raised Arctic charr in the world.

Our location in the middle of North America means our fresh or frozen fish can reach anywhere on the continent in as little as 24 hours.

Why Arctic Charr?

Arctic charr is in high demand, but short supply the world over. This delicious and versatile fish has wonderful colour and texture, making it a favourite of chefs and foodies everywhere. It’s the perfect canvas for professional and home chefs to create their culinary masterpieces. And, unlike its salmon cousins, Arctic charr can live its entire life in freshwater, which makes it ideal for healthy, safe indoor aquaculture facilities.

We believe the time is right for sustainably raised Sapphire Springs Arctic Charr to occupy a larger part of our diets, so we are building the world’s largest Arctic charr aquaculture facility with further plans for more.